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No Think, No Fun

Do you like to think?

Maybe your answer is yes, maybe it’s no.
Maybe you’ve never even “thought” about this question before.

But I’m assuming everyone reading this used to like to think.
When we were kids, when we encountered something new or strange,
we always asked our parents “why?”
“Why?” “For what reason?” “Is that really true?”
Our lives were filled with the marvel of questioning, learning, and thinking.

However, as we grow older,
our lives become more settled and constant.
Everyday becomes a cycle of the same actions and events.
We wake up in the same bed, walk along the same street,
ride the same bus to work or school,
sit in the same desk, and choose from the same selection for lunch.
This is where we start to forget to think. Sometimes we even choose not to think.

Yeah when you’re on the train,
it’s easier to mindlessly scroll through your phone
than to pick up and read a book.
Yeah when you’re in a fight with your partner,
it’s easier to look at websites for advice than to discuss with family and friends.
Yeah when you find a new product while shopping,
it’s easier to Google it than to sit back and ponder its significance, importance,
or why it feels cool. But is “easy” what we want most in life?

Thinking isn’t easy; in many cases, it’s actually hard.
It takes your time, and maybe even some effort.
Thinking isn’t easy, but what it can be, is fun. A whole lot of fun!!
Everyday, even with the cycles,
even with all the same actions and events, life can become fun again, just by thinking more.
There are new discoveries and insights surrounding us.
That’s why we made THYNK -The Thinking Platform-, to spread this idea,
to create a place where the beauty and entertainment of thinking can be felt everyday.

We have videos, articles, photos, music events...a whole cornucopia of projects, in various forums,
that are born through someone’s pondering, re-questioning, or even general thinking.
By reading about or watching these projects everyday,
we hope that our viewers, and in a large scale society as a whole,
rediscovers that exciting feeling of “Why?”
So here’s the question again:

Do you like to think?

Of course!!
Actually, speaking of which,
I was just thinking the other day…

That’s the world we strive for.
Let us think together!